Canadian Auto Refinishing VOC Levels

The VOC concentration limits are listed below:

Product Category

Concentration Limit

Primer surfacer

250 g/L       (2.08lbs/gallon)

Primer Sealer

340 g/L       (2.84lbs/gallon)

Pre-treatment wash primer

660 g/L       (5.50lbs/gallon)

Adhesion Promoter

840 g/L       (7.01lbs/gallon)

Colour coating

420 g/L       (3.50lbs/gallon)

Uniform finish coating

540 g/L       (4.50lbs/gallon)

Truck-bed liner coating

310 g/L       (2.58lbs/gallon)

Temporary protective coating

60 g/L         (0.50lbs/gallon)

Underbody coating

430 g/L       (3.58lbs/gallon)

Single-stage coating

420 g/L       (3.50lbs/gallon)

Multi-color coating

680 g/L       (5.67lbs/gallon)

Clear coating

250 g/L       (2.08lbs/gallon)

Other coatings

250 g/L       (2.08lbs/gallon)

Surface cleaners

50 g/L         (0.41lbs/gallon)

Endura VOC Product Chart

To download a chart providing the VOC levels of all Endura products please click here. (chart is being updated please check back again soon)

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