UltraFlex Low VOC Color Coat

Endura UltraFlex Low VOC Color coat is a VOC compliant formula that meets or exceeds the Canadian Automotive refinishing guidelines for VOC levels in color coats.


Endura UltraFlex Low VOC is a ver flexible, high performance polyurethane coating for protecting all surfaces. High gloss, color retention and outstanding resistance to chemicals and impact, provides maximum protection.

- Ultra flexibility
- Ver high impact resistance
- Excellent gloss retention
- Excellent color retention

Product Overview
Part Numbers
Component A - part# varies by color- Component B - FUB0141 (1:1)
Service Conditions
Heavy Duty Topcoat (or midcoat)
Recommended DFT
2 - 4 mils DFT
Volume Solids (%)
47.5% ±1.5%
Recommended Sector
Oilfield, Fleet, Automotive, OEM
< 420 grams/liter (3.5 lbs/gal) for all available colours

can Additional Product InformationUltraFlex Color Low VOC Technical Data Sheet
SDS Component A (Basic Colors)
SDS Component B [FUB0141]
Quickstart Application Guide

Additional LanguagesUltraFlex Couleur faible en COV Fiche de données (Francais)