Endura's VOC Compliant Paint Solutions

Endura's complete line of VOC compliant paint products are formulated to meet or exceed the Canadian automotive refinishing guidelines for VOC levels in primers, colour coats and clear coats. To view the Government of Canada fact sheet on VOC levels in Automotive Refinishing products click here.

Primers under 250 grams/liter
Primer Sealers under 340 grams/liter
Color topcoats under 420 grams/liter
Clear coats under 250 grams/liter

Download the Endura VOC Brochure

Endura is commited to providing high quality, heavy duty coating solutions that are environmentally responsable and meet all government regulations. Download our VOC Information Letter for more information.

Environment Canada’s VOC-limit regulations apply to automotive refinish coatings and surface cleaners such as:

      • - Primers;
      • - Clear coats;
      • - Color Topcoats &
      • - Adhesion Promoters

The Automotive refinishing guidelines apply to coating products that are being applied to:

• Motor Vehicles, including:• Cars, and
• Motorcycles

• Mobile Equipment, including: • Trucks;
• Truck Trailers;
• Street cleaners, and
• Farm Equipment



Look for the Endura VOC compliant logo on technical data sheets and product web pages to ensure that the products you are choosing are VOC compliant.