EasyClean Low VOC Topcoat 

Endura EasyClean Low VOC Topcoat is a VOC compliant formula that meets or exceeds the Canadian Automotive refinishing guidelines for VOC levels in colour coats.


Endura EasyClean Low VOC is designed for maximum surface protection. Its outstanding resistance to chemicals, excellent color retention, and the non-stick, highly abrasion-resistant surface make it an ideal choice for use in industrial applications.

- High gloss and color retention
- Outstanding resistance to chemicals, abrasions, and impact
- A library of over 40,000 colors
- Color matching services available
- Available in high gloss

Product Overview
Service Conditions
Heavy Duty topcoat
Recommended DFT
1.5-2.5 mils DFT
Volume Solids (%)
Recommended Sector
Oilfield, Fleet, OEM
< 420 grams/liter (3.5 lbs/gal) for all colours

can Additional Product Information EasyClean Low VOC Technical Data Sheet
SDS Component A
SDS Component B
Quickstart Application Guide