Clarity Clear Coat

Endura Clarity Clear coat is a VOC compliant formula that meets the Canadian Automotive refinishing guidelines for VOC levels in clear coats.


Endura Clarity is a clear coating designed to give extra protection to solid, metallic, and pearl colors. It is suitable for use in many harsh chemical environments, providing extra protection against the effects of acid and acid rain. UV light absorbers provide exceptional ultraviolet light protection and increase the service life of all colors.

- Excellent protection against acids and alkalies
- Exceptional ultraviolet light protection
- Exceptional abrasion resistance

Application information - EX-2C Clear 100 v.s. Clarity Low VOC

Clear 100
Clarity Low VOC
Spraying Viscosity
14 - 16* seconds
12 to 13 seconds
(2 - 3 seconds less than clear 100)
Sag Resistance
2 - 3 wet mils
4 - 5 wet mils
Thin with EX-2C thinners or Medium Topcoat Reducer.
Not generally required
Spray Equipment and setup
Paint Application
It is recommended that a thinner first layer be applied at 1.0-1.5 mils.  Allow 30-45 minutes between coats.

Apply two wet coats, heavier first coat followed up by a lighter second coat with 30 minutes flash off between coats.

*The solvent system in Clarity Low VOC is much faster than Clear 100.
*The heavier first coat allows for better flow and improved surface finish.

Product Overview
Part Numbers
Component A - FUA0137 - Component B - FUB0112
Service Conditions
Heavy Duty Clear
Recommended DFT
1-2 mils DFT
Volume Solids (%)
Recommended Sector
Oilfield, Marine, Fleet, Automotive, OEM, Architectural
246 grams/liter (2.06 lbs/gal)

Additional Product InformationClarity Clear Technical Data Sheet
SDS Component A [FUA0137]
SDS Component B [FUB0112]
Quickstart Application Guide