Specialty Coatings - High Friction - Non Skid

Watch your Step


Endura's line of high friction coatings provides an agressive non slip surface for use in public areas, in shops and warehouses. Our high friction coating were designed and tested in the most extreme conditions and will perform in severe industrial environments

Endura non slip coatings are high performance solutions that provide outstanding non slip protection to a vareity of substrates.

Concrete:Provides a safe durable non slip surface for use on concrete steps, walkways and on shop floors and ramps.

Steel: Endura high friction coatings provide a tough slip resistant surface for the decks and steps of oilfield service vehicles. The coatings are resistant to chemicals and abrasions and work in extreme temperture environments making them the ideal choice for use on drilling platforms.

Endura SlipStop
Available in over 40 000 colors