Specialty Coatings - Concrete Floors

Endura offers a coating system for concrete floors consisting of an epoxy primer and a urethane topcoat. It can be used on garage, warehouse and machine shop floors. It provides outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance.
Endura EP HiBuild Floor is used as the Primer and it is topcoated with EX-2C Concrete topcoat.

pdf Concrete Coating GuideTo download a PDF copy the Epoxy/Urethane Concrete Coating System
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primer Additional Product Information EP HiBuild [Floor] Technical Data Sheet
SDS Components A
Standard Grey [FEA0274]
Standard Black [FEA0273]
Standard White [FEA0270]
SDS Components B [FEB0275]



cans Additional Product InformationEX-2C Concrete Technical Data Sheet
SDS component A (Basic Colors)
SDS component B