Pre Treatments and Cleaners

Endura has a complete line of pre treatment products for various substrates.

To ensure adhesion of the coating to the substrate and prolong the coating's service life , it is important to properly prepare the surface.

* The surface must be dry and in sound condition.
* All oils, dust, dirt, loose rust, peeling paint and other contaminants must be removed. Failure to do so can lead to loss of adhesion and coating failures.
* For optimum coating performance product, substrate and ambient temperature should be between 20°C-25°C* (68°F-77°F). To prevent condensation during application the surface temperature must be 3°C (5°F) or more above the dew point at all times.

For detailed instructions please select your substrate from the drop down menu.

pretreatSubstrate Pre-treatment ChartTo download the Endura pre-treatment chart
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Featured Product:additivesEndura Degreaser 10Endura Degreaser 10 HD Cleaner, is a water based cleaner low in odor, non-flammable and biodegradable. The exceptional cleaning and degreasing power of Endura Degreaser10 exceeds that of conventional water-based degreasers.
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