EX-2C Color - SDS information

Below are links to the SDS information for EX-2C (Main colors)

Generic SDS InformationGeneric Colors (Lead Free)
Generic Colors Metallic (Lead Free)
Generic Colors (Formulations containing leaded pigments)

White 120White 120 [FUA0120]
White 120 HH [FUA0129]
White 120 No Gloss [CLR29208]
White 120 Lo Gloss [CLR11092]
White 120 Med Gloss [CLR11438]

White125White 125 HH [FUA0125]
White 125 No Gloss [CLR32273]
White 125 Lo Gloss [CLR28783]
White 125 Med Gloss [CLR32507]

Red 150Red 150 [CLR14917]
Red 150 HH [CLR14937]
Red 150 Lo Gloss [CLR32109]
Red 150 LF (Lead Free) [CLR38538]

Black 160Black 160 [FUA0160]
Black 160 No Gloss [CLR26303]
Black 160 Lo Gloss [CLR26153]
Black 160 Med Gloss [CLR14803]

The SDS information above is for basic colors please click here to request color specific SDS information.