DTM Express Topcoat 

Endura DTM Express Polyurethane is a two-component, Low VOC, coating that can be used in a direct to metal application or as a topcoat over primer. It provides excellent gloss, hardness, adhesion and flexibility over a wide range of surfaces.

- Excellent gloss and color retention
- Cures quickly to improve shop productivity
- Low temperature application - Down to 35°F (2°C)
- High-film build in one coat

Product Overview
Service Conditions
Recommended DFT
as a DTM: 5-6 mils DFT - As a topcoat over primer: 2.0 - 3.0 milds DFT
Volume Solids (%)
Recommended Sector
Fleet, OEM

Additional Product Information DTM Express Technical Data Sheet
MSDS component A*
MSDS component B
Quickstart Application Guide

* MSDS [A] for Black please click here to request color specific MSDS information.