EP-2C Sealer CF 

Endura EP-2C Sealer CF Is a chrome free two-component epoxy urethane product designed for a variety of surfaces.  It provides an excellent blend of adhesion, hardness, and corrosion resistance over aluminum, bare steel and other metal surfaces.

- Enhanced rust inhibiting properties
- High temperature service
- Non-Sanding Sealer
- No induction time required
- Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
- Inter-Coat adhesion greater than 2000 psi
- Suitable for sealing HS-421 Primer


Product Overview
Part Numbers
Component A - FUA0675 - Component B - FUB0651 (1:1)
Service Conditions
Light Duty Sealer
Recommended DFT
1 mil DFT
Volume Solids (%)
Recommended Sector
Automotive, Marine

Additional Product Information EP-2C Sealer CF Technical Data Sheet
SDS component A [FUA0675]
SDS component B [FUB0651]
Quickstart Application Guide